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Anti-deficiency: Cal-Magic LED Kit

Anti-deficiency: Cal-Magic LED Kit

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The perfect trio to prevent calcium-magnesium deficiencies when using LED lighting, 100% suitable for living soil

1x Basalt 1kg by Almicanna Living Soil

1x Gypsum 1kg by Almicanna Living Soil

1x Epsom Salt 250g by Almicanna Living Soil


 Guide: Application of the Mal-Magic Kits

Gather the ingredients:

  • Determine the application rate: For a 50L pot, the recommended application rate is as follows:
  • Basalt: 30 grams
  • Gypsum: 30 grams
  • Epsom Salt: 2 grams/ L water

Prepare the top-dress mix:

    • In a separate container, combine 30 grams of Basalt with 30 grams of Gypsum.
    • Mix the ingredients thoroughly to ensure even distribution.

Apply the top-dress mix:

    • Prior to application, lightly water the soil in your pot to ensure it is slightly moist but not saturated. This will ensure maximal water uptake. 
    • Sprinkle the top-dress mix evenly over the surface of the soil in the pot.

Watering and maintenance:

    • After applying the top-dress mix, prepare your water with 2 grams of Epsom Salt per L filtered water. 
    • Make sure to mix the water thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of the Epsom salt in your water mix.
    • Water the pot thoroughly to help activate the nutrients and carry them into the root zone.
    • Monitor the moisture level of the soil and water your plants as needed, ensuring they receive adequate hydration.

Time of applications:

    • Apply the Cal-Magic Mix once per grow cycle in the 4th week of the flowering stage. (See Living Soil Feeding Schedule) or whenever you notice a severe calcium or magnesium deficiency in your plants. 


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