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Basalt, Natural Product made from 100% finely ground basalt.

Basalt rock flour is used as a soil amendment. It enriches the soil with mineral trace elements. Additionally, basalt rock flour enhances plant resistance against pests and diseases.

Basalt stimulates the activity of soil microorganisms and contributes to the formation of humus complexes. It is an excellent source of trace elements.

It neutralizes the pH level and supports soil fertility.

It enhances phosphorus uptake.

Components according to solid analysis (RFA):
44% silica (SiO2)
12% alumina (AI2O3)
11% calcium (CaO)
11% iron (Fe2O3)
13% magnesium (MgO)
1% potassium (K2O)
1% phosphorus (P2O5)

Suitable for watering and mixing into the substrate.

150 to 300 g per 100 liters of substrate.
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