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Basic Living Soil GROW KIT

Basic Living Soil GROW KIT

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With this grow kit, you will receive all the components to mix your own long-lasting living soil.

Everything you need is included. No need to dose fertilizers, measure pH, etc!

Look forward to healthy plants, rich terpenes and cannabinoid profiles, and biologically pure flowers. 100% certified organic.

This package includes:

1x Top Crop Heavy Mix Soil 50L

1x Universal Amendments Mix for 50L

1x Microbiom+ 100g

1x Living BIOChar by Almicanna 2L

1x Asturhumus Worm Humus 5L

1x Organic Little Helper Seeds 50g

1x Root Riot Pack with 3 Seeds (Free Choice)

3x Root Heaven© Pots by Root Riot 16L OR 1x Root Heaven© Pots by Root Riot 45L


Application Guide: 

Step 1: Find a mixing space

1. Start by finding an adequate space to mix your soil.

2. Mixing your soil can be a somewhat dirty and dusty affair. Make sure you have adequate space (outdoors or indoors to mix it). This is especially true when mixing a larger amount of soil in one sitting. Also, make sure that the floor you are mixing on is made of adequate material to mix the soil on. Depending on the quantity you will be mixing you might want to use a shovel, in that case make sure not to permanently damage the floor you are mixing on.  


Step 2: Prepare the soil

1. Start by emptying the 50L Top Crop Heavy Mix Soil onto your mixing area. This soil mix provides a good base for your plants and is enriched with beneficial nutrients.

2. Adding Universal Amendments Mix. Once the 50L Top Crop Heavy Mix Soil was emptied on your mixing area, it's time to incorporate the Universal Amendments Mix. This mix is designed to enhance the soil's fertility and provide essential minerals and trace elements. Go ahead and add the whole package to the soil.

3. Enhancing Microbial Activity. To boost the microbial life in your soil, add Microbiom+ to the mixture. Microbiom+ contains beneficial microorganisms that aid in nutrient uptake and overall plant health. Sprinkle the whole amount of Microbiom+ onto the mixture. This will help establish a thriving soil ecosystem.

4. Incorporating the Living BIOChar. Living BIOChar by Almicanna is an excellent addition to enhance the soil's water-holding capacity and improve nutrient retention. Sprinkle the whole amount of Living BIOChar into the soil. This will help create a porous and fertile environment for your plants.

5. Enriching with Asturhumus Worm Humus. Asturhumus Worm Humus is a high-quality organic fertilizer that adds essential nutrients and improves soil structure. Spread the whole amount of worm humus on the soil mix.

Note: Mixing soil can be a very dusty task, make sure to not breathe in too much dust or wear a mask to protect yourself from heavy dust. Also, if you have any open wounds on your hands, consider wearing gloves to protect yourself from possible infections.


Step 3: Mixing the soil

Once you added all the amendments onto one pile, it’s time to mix the soil. There is no real secret to the mixing process just make sure that the amendments are thoroughly mixed and that no big lumps are visible anymore. We are personally mixing with shovels and applying the “donut technique”, but this is for 14.000L mixes (for more information check out our social media or consider our consultancy services).

Step 4: Filling the soil inside the pot(s)

1. Once you are convinced that the soil is thoroughly and evenly start filling it in your pot(s).

2. Make sure never to fill the pot up to the brim, always keep some space inside the pot for future top-dressing or other applications.


Step 5: Cooking the soil

1. After you filled the pot(s) it’s time to water the soil inside the pot(s). DO NOT put any plants into the soil, as the soil has to cook first! By watering the soil inside the (pots) you are activating the microorganisms inside the soil and allowing the mycelium network to form.

2. Cover the pods with cardboard or plastic foil. This will keep the soil moist and allow the Microlife to form. Remember that the Microlife needs water in order to survive so make sure that the soil is not drying out during the cooking stage.

3. Wait for 7-14 days and monitor the soil temperature daily. It will go up to about 50°C and then drop down again to 20-25°C. Once the soil cooled down again, the “cooking process” is finished and the soil is ready to be used.

Step 6: Prepare 1L and 3L Pot

1. In order to ensure a maximal chance of your seeds propagating, we recommend taking out, of the filled pot(s), about 1L of the soil mix that has just finished cooking, for each seed you want to propagate.

Step 2: Fill 1L pots with the soil you just took out of the fabric pot(s). One 1L pot for each seed you want to grow. The seed will take about 14 days to completely root through this 1L pot at which point the plant will be ready to be transplanted in the bigger fabric pots!

Side note: The seeds have a better chance to propagate and survive in smaller pots, than they would have if they were planted straight away in the big fabric pots. If you are using 50L fabric pots, we recommend even transplanting the seedling from the 1L pot(s) into a 3L pot first. There the plant will stay another 7-10 days until it can be transplanted into the big 50L pots for maximal efficiency.

Please note: If you are not gardening in a living soil bed, only plant one plant per pot (always)!


Step 7: Planting helper seeds

1. After the soil has finished cooking, you can begin by sowing out the helper seeds. Evenly spread 3g of helper seeds per 1m2 of soil. The helper seeds just need to be sprinkled onto the surface of the soil and do not need to be “buried” inside the soil to grow. Keep a space in the middle of the pot(s) free from helper seeds, this is where you want to transplant your cannabis seedling later.  

2. Wait another 7 days for the helper seeds to start growing.



Step 8: Transplant your cannabis seedling

Now the soil inside your fabric living soil pot(s) is ready for your cannabis seedling to be transplanted into. This is where the plant will stay for the remainder of its lifespan. Just make sure that your seedling is big enough for being transplanted, otherwise it will suffer too much stress. 



Remember, living soil is a dynamic and self-sustaining ecosystem. You won't have to through away this soil for many years! As you continue gardening, the microbial activity in the soil will improve, contributing to healthier and more productive plants. Regularly feed and water your plants using fresh, filtered water and our Organic Compost Teas, and enjoy the rewarding experience of growing in living soil. For professional guidance don’t hesitate to contact us concerning our custom consultancy services.

We hope this detailed guide helps you prepare your soil effectively using the ingredients in our beginner's kit.

Happy gardening!

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