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Bat Guano Cubano

Bat Guano Cubano

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Bat Guano Cubano for the flowering phase - 2L/1.2kg

Our Bat Guano Cubano comes from the caves of Cuba and is directly imported by us without intermediaries. Bats play a key role in the ecosystem, and their "by-product" offers significant benefits: the feces that accumulate in the caves, where the environmental conditions are perfect for turning into guano, as the nutrients are not washed away by rain.

Furthermore, the dietary preferences of different bat species result in some diversity in the use and application of guano. For example, insect-eating bats produce feces with high nitrogen content, while fruit-eating bats produce feces with high phosphorus content. Our Cuban Bat Guano comes from fruit-eating bats and is therefore ideal for the flowering phase of your plants.

Nutrient composition:

Cannabis plants require a suitable and balanced nutrition regime to reach their full potential. That's why bat guano plays an important role in this process, as it contains essential macro and micronutrients that promote healthy growth:


- Nitrogen (N): The main component of chlorophyll and amino acids, ensuring healthy above-ground development, such as in stems and leaves.
- Phosphorus (P): An essential element for photosynthesis that also promotes root development and resin production.
- Potassium (K): Enhances resistance against bacteria and mold, and helps strengthen branches and stems.

Macro-nutrients are essential for every growth phase. However, different phases require different NPK ratios and combinations. Bat guano with a high nitrogen content is ideal for the vegetative phase, while guano with higher phosphorus values is better suited for the flowering phase.


- Boron (B): A mineral that contributes to the development of cell walls, seeds, and fruits, and also promotes calcium absorption.
- Calcium (Ca): Preserves cell structure, especially in the root system, and facilitates photosynthesis; promotes nutrient uptake.
- Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn): Both contribute to enzymatic systems and promote chlorophyll production.
- Sulfur (S) and Zinc (Zn): Essential components for protein and enzyme production.
- Magnesium (Mg): Key for light or solar energy absorption.

While less common, micronutrients are equally important as macro-nutrients as they promote overall plant well-being and ultimately ensure robust growth.

Applications of bat guano in cannabis cultivation:

Bat guano has a long history as a natural fertilizer and is used in three different ways:

1. Fertilizer: Bat guano is much stronger than other organic fertilizers, so it needs to be added in smaller quantities. It can be incorporated into the soil, used as a top dressing, or used as a compost tea to feed the roots.

2. Pesticide: Due to its properties, bat guano can be applied as an effective fungicide as a foliar spray.

3. Soil conditioner: Bat guano improves substrate quality and performance. It can be applied to excessively porous soils or used to loosen denser soils. It can also improve water retention. Its effects last longer than most chemical fertilizers.

Benefits of bat guano:

Bat guano is highly regarded in organic farming. It acts quickly and adapts strongly to each growth phase, providing lasting benefits:

- It improves the overall health of the substrate by providing beneficial microflora and microbes.
- It adjusts the pH level to improve nutrient uptake.
- Thanks to its slow nutrient release, it provides nutrients for a longer period.
- It accelerates the decomposition of solid materials and activates composting.
- It eliminates toxic elements in the soil.
- It controls and prevents nematode infestation.


As Top Dress: 20 to 50 g per plant In the substrate: 50 g per 10 liters of substrate

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