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BIO Substrat COMPLETE MIX 50L Top Crop

BIO Substrat COMPLETE MIX 50L Top Crop

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Complete Mix by Top Crop is a high-quality substrate that delivers excellent results and allows for optimal root development.

Thanks to its composition, which is rich in coconut fibers, Complete Mix is one of the loosest substrates on the market. It also contains worm humus, which is ideal for promoting the growth of strong and healthy roots.

With its special composition, you can avoid the use of fertilizers during the first three weeks of plant life.

Complete Mix is a substrate with good ventilation and moderate moisture retention, making it ideal for moderate climates (neither too cold nor too hot) and indoor cultivation.


Coconut fiber, Sphagnum peat (H2-H4) - Light and vegetable compost,

Perlite (5 g / l)

Solid mixture of macro and micronutrients (3 g / l)

Leonardite (2 g / l)

Organic matter on dry matter basis: 76.2%

Electrical conductivity in water (1:5 v/v):

EC: 520 uS/cm (25ºC). [(1:1.5 v/v) EC: 1000 uS/cm]

Bulk density: 135.3 g/l

pH in water (1/5 v/v): 6.5

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