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BIO Substrat HEAVY MIX 50L Top Crop

BIO Substrat HEAVY MIX 50L Top Crop

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BIO Substrat HEAVY MIX 50L Top Crop

Heavy Mix by Top Crop is a complete substrate loaded with high-quality nutrients for optimal vegetative growth of your plants. Among them, you'll find coconut fibers, light peat, and black peat. Additionally, Heavy Mix has a specific granulometry for proper moisture retention.

This formulation is complemented with lava meal, bat guano, and expanded clay, which facilitate drainage, prevent compaction, and actively contribute to the transfer of nutrients from the medium to the plant.


Coconut, Sphagnum peat (H2-H4) blond, Sphagnum peat (H6-H7) black, expanded clay 0-4 mm, with:

Crushed volcanic gravel (0.6 g/l)

Bat guano (1.2 g/l)

Solid mixture of macro and micronutrients (3 g/l)

Leonardite (2 g/l)

Organic matter on dry matter basis: 58.7%

Electrical conductivity in water (1:5 v/v):

EC: 449 uS/cm (25ºC). [(1:1.5 v/v) EC: 1200 μS/cm]

Bulk density: 156.7 g/l

pH in water (1/5 v/v): 6.5

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