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Insect Frass Mealworm Guano

Insect Frass Mealworm Guano

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Insect Frass Mealworm Guano by Almicanna 

Made in Portugal

100% Organic Product

Insect Frass is a highly valuable organic fertilizer for your plants and serves as an alternative to guano. This mixture is derived from the digestion of organic material by the mealworm beetle. This insect frass is rich in natural nutrients and also contains chitin. Chitin supports the work of microorganisms and enhances the plants' resistance to diseases.

It can be used as a top dressing, in compost tea, or mixed into the substrate.

N 5.2% N org. 5% K2O 3.6% P2O5 5.5% MgO 1.15% Mat. Org. 91%


  • 10ml per liter of substrate
  • 2g per liter in compost tea
  • 15ml as top dressing per plant
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