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Living Soil Bed

Living Soil Bed

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Do you want to optimize your grow space and provide the perfect conditions for your living soil and plants?

Then our "ROOT HEAVEN Living Soil Beds" are the best choice.

Our Living Soil Beds are made from a special material that is 100% free of toxins and meets all the requirements to create the perfect comfort conditions for your living soil.

The fabric specially made for us allows gas exchange across its entire surface while ensuring optimal water retention.

We offer several variations in standard sizes designed for common grow tents. However, we also customize according to your desired dimensions. To do so, send an email with the subject "POTS WITH ZIP" to ""!

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. All materials are UV and weather resistant.

You provide us with the desired measurements, and we will provide you with a non-binding offer. All necessary parts will be supplied by us, including special PPR pipes and connectors. Each ROOT HEAVEN© BED can be ordered with an extension for a trellis or SCROG upon request. To complement your ROOT HEAVEN© BED, we also offer custom-made SCROGs tailored to your specific preferences. We are happy to assist you in the planning process. For a quote, simply email us.

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