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Living Soil Pots (Classic, No Zipper)

Living Soil Pots (Classic, No Zipper)

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Root Heaven© Pots are the optimized version of the well-known fabric pots.

Like all Root Heaven pots, this one also offers optimal water retention, breathability, and air pruning effect.

  • UV resistant
  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • Free of BPA and other toxins
  • Resistant

Made from 100% polypropylene, Made in Spain (up to 40% from recycled materials), non-toxic, resistant, washable, sturdy, and lightweight.

The difference compared to the fabric pots available on the market is the lower water evaporation, preventing rapid drying of the substrate. Optimal ventilation and the air pruning feature are guaranteed.

Who doesn't know it... as soon as the substrate becomes slightly dry, a large portion of the water runs through the fabric during watering, ending up outside the pot instead of in the substrate. This is no longer the case with the Root Heaven© Pots, reducing both the time and amount of water required.

In addition to our standard sizes, we also create your desired dimensions and shapes. Manufactured in our workshop in Spain. Hand-printed with non-toxic natural colors.

Handmade in Spain!

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