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Nettle leaves BIO

Nettle leaves BIO

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Nettle leaves for the preparation of nettle liquid fertilizer. The prepared liquid fertilizer promotes plant resistance and, as a purely organic fertilizer, stimulates soil life.

Nettle plants contain a high amount of nitrogen, which is present in readily available form in the liquid fertilizer. It acts preventively against leaf fungi and repels insects. It serves as a source of iron in cases of iron chlorosis due to deficiency. It also acts as a growth stimulator. It consists of 100% nettle from organic cultivation.


Mix 30 grams of nettle leaves with 10 liters of water and let it soak for 24 hours.

Stir vigorously at the beginning and end, then use as a foliar spray.

For watering, mix 30 grams with 10 liters of water and let it soak for at least 3 days, stirring occasionally.

The dried leaves can also be mixed directly into the substrate at a dosage of 100 grams per 100 liters.

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