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Ocean Side Compost

Ocean Side Compost

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Ocean Side Compost by Almicanna is the only organic composted calcium, potassium, and magnesium supplier enriched with kelp, produced in Galicia from natural aragonite. Aragonite is derived from mollusk shells and is a type of calcium carbonate with 18% higher solubility than calcite, the main component of lime products available on the market. Furthermore, OSC has a pH neutralization capacity of up to 43% for acidic soils.

Nutrient Content and Biology

High phosphorus and magnesium content, naturally present due to the raw materials used in its production. Its organic origin provides secondary and micronutrients necessary for plant development and contributes to improving soil structure, water retention capacity, and acceleration of biological processes occurring within it.

The beneficial biological content of OSC helps improve the health of the soils where it is applied.

Certified and approved for organic farming.

Total organic carbon % 20.3
Humic acids % 4
Total organic matter % 35
Conductivity (ms/cm) 10.86
Total nitrogen % 1.2
Moisture 30-40%
Total potassium % 0.2
Calcium carbonate equivalence (CaCO) 20
Total phosphorus % 1-4
pH 7-8

Living Soil: 600 grams per square meter
Top Dress: Incorporate 50 to 100 grams per plant into the surface.

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