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Organic Blood Meal by Almicanna

Organic Blood Meal by Almicanna

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Organic Blood Meal by Almicanna

Organic fertilizer with a high nitrogen content. Activator for balanced plant growth. It provides rapid and balanced nitrogen supply, promoting and stimulating the physiological processes of plants.

In plants, the majority of nitrogen is found in high-molecular compounds (proteins and nucleic acids). Nitrogen is typically the macronutrient that most commonly limits plant production. Nitrogen deficiency leads to chlorosis in old leaves, with a decrease in biomass surface area observed.

Blood meal is an organic fertilizer with a high nitrogen content obtained from blood. Its nutrients are released gradually, meeting the plant's needs throughout its development. Its application increases the photosynthesis rate and ensures nitrogen supply during critical moments of vegetative growth.

Due to its origin and manufacturing process, its compounds are not washed away by rainwater or prolonged irrigation, thus avoiding nutrient loss and groundwater contamination.

N 15%
Organic N 14%
P2O5 0.39%
K2O 0.29%
Fe 0.25%
Ca 0.04%

50 g per 100 liters of substrate

Approved for organic farming according to CE NO834/2007, 889/2008. Control ECOCERT SA F-32600
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