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Organic Kelp Meal

Organic Kelp Meal

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Organic Kelp Meal, derived from Ascophyllum nodosum, offers many benefits in terms of developing microbial life and driving functions controlled by hormones and enzymes.

Kelp provides a comprehensive range of minerals and trace elements, particularly rich in key plant nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, zinc, copper, and phosphorus. Kelp meal not only provides mineral nutrients but also stimulates root development, thereby increasing plant vitality, yield, and stress resistance.

It also helps build greater resistance to diseases and pests by strengthening the plant's natural defense mechanisms. Kelp meal contains various natural hormones such as cytokines, indoles, auxins, and gibberellins, which support the mobility of essential nutrients, promote cell development, and act as natural growth hormones.


For foliar application: 10 grams per 1 liter of water

For living soil: 500 grams per 100 liters of soil

Product suitable for organic agriculture (ES-ECO-020-CV)

100% organic

Origin: Spain

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