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Organic Malted Barley

Organic Malted Barley

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The 2-row malted barley we use has high diastatic power. It is organically certified and sourced from Spain. Packed with useful enzymes such as phosphatase, chitinase, urease, protease, and amylase, these enzymes act as catalysts and help microbes break down matter into nutrients that your plant can use.

One of the main benefits of using barley is that it accelerates plant maturity. It contains naturally occurring growth-regulating hormones and defense-triggering hormones.

Our barley is organically certified and free from pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals because purity plays a crucial role in ensuring that soil life is not negatively influenced by any introduced toxins.

Dosage: 5 grams per 5 liters of substrate or as a top dressing, apply 10 grams per square meter weekly.

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