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Organic Veg Compost Tea (vegetative)

Organic Veg Compost Tea (vegetative)

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This Veg Compost Tea blend for the vegetative phase of your plants promotes microbial life, growth, resistance, and the health of plants in living soil. All ingredients are certified for organic farming and have been carefully proportioned by us to guarantee optimal results.

Mix 80 to 100 g of the Veg Compost Tea blend with 150 g of worm castings in 10 liters of non-chlorinated, stagnant water and aerate for 24 to 36 hours.

The mixture can be used as is or lightly diluted and should be consumed immediately after preparation.

Store in a dry and dark place below 20°C.

INGREDIENTS: Alfalfa* Kelp* Horsetail* Bone meal* Blood meal* Fish hydrolysate* Amino-fulvic humic acids* Bat guano* Epsom salt* Zeolite* Azomite, Diatomaceous earth* Karanja cake* Mycorrhizal rhizobacteria

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