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Pest Control: Insect Frass Mealworm Guano 1KG

Pest Control: Insect Frass Mealworm Guano 1KG

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Insect Frass Mealworm Guano by Almicanna 1 KG

Made in Portugal

100% Organic Product

Insect Frass is a highly valuable organic fertilizer for your plants and serves as an alternative to guano. This mixture is derived from the digestion of organic material by the mealworm beetle. This insect frass is rich in natural nutrients and also contains chitin. Chitin supports the work of microorganisms and enhances the plants' resistance to diseases.

It can be used as a top dressing, in compost tea, or mixed into the substrate.

N 5.2% N org. 5% K2O 3.6% P2O5 5.5% MgO 1.15% Mat. Org. 91%


  • 2g per liter in compost tea (incorporate into your Teas)
  • 15ml as top dressing per plant



Understand the Benefits: Insect frass mealworm guano contains valuable nutrients and natural compounds that help deter pests and enhance plant health. It acts as a soil conditioner, provides beneficial microorganisms, and may have repellent properties against certain pests.

Soil Preparation: Before incorporating insect frass mealworm guano into your living soil, ensure the soil is well-amended with organic matter and nutrients suitable for cannabis cultivation. This creates a favorable environment for plant growth and helps deter pests.

Timing of Application: Apply insect frass mealworm guano during the early stages of plant growth or as a preventive measure before pest problems arise. This allows the beneficial compounds and microorganisms to establish themselves in the soil.

Top Dressing: Sprinkle the insect frass mealworm guano evenly over the soil surface around the base of the plants. Avoid direct contact with plant stems to prevent potential damage.

Watering: After applying the insect frass mealworm guano, water the soil thoroughly. This aids in the breakdown and release of nutrients from the guano and promotes their availability to the plants.

Monitoring: Regularly monitor your cannabis plants for any signs of pests or diseases. Insect frass mealworm guano acts as a preventive measure, but it's essential to address any issues promptly if they occur.

Reapplication: Consider reapplying insect frass mealworm guano every few weeks or as needed throughout the growing season. Regular application helps maintain its pest deterrent properties and provides ongoing nutritional support for the plants.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM): While insect frass mealworm guano can contribute to pest control, it's advisable to implement a comprehensive IPM strategy. This includes practices like crop rotation, companion planting, physical barriers, and beneficial insects to maintain a balanced and resilient ecosystem.

Safety Precautions: When using insect frass mealworm guano, follow the product's instructions and safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Wear gloves if necessary and take precautions to minimize inhalation of dust.

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