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Pest Control: Mustard Seed Meal (100g)

Pest Control: Mustard Seed Meal (100g)

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Pest Control: Mustard Seed Meal, 100g

Mustard Seed Meal is approved for organic farming, rich in natural plant nutrients and amino acids. It is 100% derived from plants (Sinapis alba).

Together with its highly bioavailable nutrient profile, it significantly improves nutrient uptake by plants and enhances overall plant performance. No additives or preservatives are used during the manufacturing process.

Mustard seed meal is also an excellent means to control pests such as fungus gnats and various soil-borne pests and pathogens. However, it is important to strictly adhere to the recommended dosage as it is a potent insecticide.


As a top dressing, evenly spread 15 to 30 grams per 1 square meter. Start with a conservative rate and adjust as needed. 

Please note that while mustard seed meal can be effective against pests, it is crucial to follow proper guidelines and precautions for its use in order to ensure safe and effective application.


Benefits of Mustard Seed Meal: Mustard seed meal acts as a natural pesticide by releasing compounds called glucosinolates when it comes into contact with water. These compounds have insecticidal and nematicidal properties, helping to deter and control pests in the soil.

Soil Preparation: Prior to planting your cannabis, prepare the living soil by ensuring it is well-amended with organic matter and nutrients. This creates a healthy environment for the plants and beneficial soil microorganisms, which can aid in pest prevention.

Timing of Application: Apply mustard seed meal at the beginning of the growing season or before planting cannabis. This allows time for the compounds to break down and release into the soil, establishing a pest-deterrent environment.Incorporation Method: There are a few ways to incorporate mustard seed meal into the soil.

Top Dressing: Sprinkle the mustard seed meal evenly over the soil surface around the base of the plants. Avoid direct contact with plant stems to prevent potential damage.

Watering: After applying mustard seed meal, water the soil thoroughly to activate the release of glucosinolates. Moisture helps break down the compounds and enhances their effectiveness against pests.

Monitoring: Regularly monitor your cannabis plants for any signs of pests. Mustard seed meal is more effective as a preventive measure, so it's crucial to identify and address pest issues early on.

Reapplication: Mustard seed meal's effectiveness diminishes over time as the compounds degrade. Consider reapplying the meal after heavy rains or every few months throughout the growing season to maintain pest control.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM): While mustard seed meal can help prevent pests, it is recommended to implement a comprehensive IPM strategy. This includes practices such as regular plant inspections, maintaining plant health, promoting biodiversity, and considering other organic pest control methods when necessary.

Safety Precautions: When handling mustard seed meal, wear gloves and avoid inhaling the dust to prevent irritation. Follow the product's instructions and safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

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