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Pest Control: Organic Neem Cake Meal (250g)

Pest Control: Organic Neem Cake Meal (250g)

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Organic NEEM cake MEAL by Almicanna, 250g

Pure Neem seed meal

Neem meal is a highly effective organic nutrient source with a balanced macro and micronutrient profile. Neem meal is obtained after pressing the oil from the seeds of the Azadirachta Indica tree.

It contains limonoids, which deter pests and their larvae from reproducing. Neem meal aids in nitrogen fixation by reducing ammonium and nitrate oxidizers, providing excellent living conditions for earthworms and other microorganisms. Neem meal should not be confused with synthetic neem oil, etc.


  • 150 grams as a top dress per square meter



Understand the Benefits: Neem cake meal contains natural compounds such as azadirachtin, which acts as a broad-spectrum insecticide and disrupts the life cycle of pests. It also has antifungal properties, making it useful against soil-borne pathogens.

Soil Preparation: Prepare the living soil by ensuring it is well-amended with organic matter and nutrients before planting your cannabis. This promotes a healthy soil ecosystem that can aid in pest prevention.

Timing of Application: Apply neem cake meal before planting cannabis or at the beginning of the growing season. This allows time for the compounds to break down and become available to the plants and soil organisms.


A) Sprinkle the neem cake meal evenly over the soil surface around the base of the plants. Avoid direct contact with plant stems to prevent potential damage.

B) Organic Neem Cake Meal can also be applied as a foliar spray for enhanced pest management.

Watering: After applying neem cake meal, water the soil thoroughly. Moisture helps activate the compounds and enhances their effectiveness against pests and pathogens.

Monitoring: Regularly monitor your cannabis plants for any signs of pests or diseases. Neem cake meal works as a preventive measure, so it's important to address issues early on if they arise.

Reapplication: Consider reapplying neem cake meal every few weeks or as needed, especially after heavy rains or when pests are more active. Regular reapplication helps to maintain pest control throughout the growing season.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM): While neem cake meal can be beneficial for pest control, it is recommended to implement a comprehensive IPM strategy. This includes practices such as crop rotation, companion planting, physical barriers, and beneficial insects to create a balanced and resilient ecosystem.

Safety Precautions: When handling neem cake meal, follow the product's instructions and safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Wear gloves to avoid skin contact and minimize inhalation of the dust.

Note: Keep in mind that the effectiveness of neem cake meal may vary depending on the specific pests and environmental conditions. It's important to monitor your plants closely and adjust your pest control approach accordingly.


Product suitable for ecological agriculture.

100% organic.

Reg. (CE) No. 834/07

Origin: India

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