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The Soil Re-Amend Mix has been specially formulated by us to revitalize your living soil and is applied as a top dress, incorporated into the surface.

It replenishes the essential missing amendments and can be applied immediately after harvest.

After 2-3 days, new planting can already take place.


1kg per 1m² or 50-100g per plant and pot.


Application Guide:

Application Time: Right after you harvested your plants (see Living Soil Feeding Schedule).

Keep the soil wet: After you harvest the plant, make sure to keep the soil wet. Even if the plant is “dead”, all the micro life in the soil isn’t! As you want to reuse the soil inside the pot(s) for your next cultivation run, it is crucial to always keep the soil moist! If you let it dry out, you will lose all your beneficial micro life.

Apply the mix: Spread about 50-100g of the Re-Amend mix on the surface of your pot and gently “massage” it into the top layer of the soil. Make sure not to disturb the soil too much and to keep the soil structure intact while doing this.

Watering: After applying the Re-Amend mix, water the soil.

Patience: Wait another 2-3 days for the nutriments to reamend your soil and you are good to go again!


Happy gardening!

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